Aquila is a multi-asset portfolio that seeks to invest in mutual funds (debt, equity, others), ETFs, stocks, NCDs, bonds, other fixed income products, REITs, InvITs and other such financial products through a PMS route to provide stable returns with low volatility.

2 Minutes Introduction of AQUILA

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Our Performance Track Record

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Our Overall Approach and Value Addition

Who is Aquila suitable for

Investors with a portfolio which is highly concentrated in only one or two asset classes.

Investors who do not actively manage their portfolio or who do not know the optimum allocation of their portfolio to various asset classes.

What to expect from Aquila

Fixed Fee; No Other Income For Us

Sharpe Ratio Of 1.5 Or Higher

Online Access To The Portfolio

Only Direct Plans Of Mutual Funds

Access To Specialist Managers In Equities And Alternates

Disciplined Mandate And Hence Disciplined Investment Including Rebalancing