Scient Capital forecasts the prices of key commodities and currencies for the short and medium term. These forecasts are intended to be used by business clients as well as investors.

The forecasts are based on the following

  • Quantitative analysis of long term trends and cycles
  • Multi-factor macroeconomic linkages in the global economy
  • Analysis of commodity-specific demand and supply factors and developments pertaining to them

Forecasts are useful for various purposes including the following

  • Procurement planning for commodities
  • Hedging price risk of commodities and currencies
  • Pricing of products which include significant proportions of commodities or imported raw materials

Hedging Analytics

Scient Capital also provides in-depth hedging analytics for key commodities and currencies.

This includes analysis pertaining to the following.

  • Possibility and feasibility of hedging in India, especially in case of non-standard commodities related to the major commodities
  • Variations in basis and the risks associated with it
  • Mode of hedging i.e. futures/forwards vs options or zero-cost collars

We also carry out additional analysis specific to clients that enables them to make specific decisions for their situation.

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